Fluid Foundation High Definition 009 Mink


One of High Definitions Top seller is there Fluid Foundation

With a slightly lighter formula, High Definition's Fluid Foundation so comfortable to wear. It’s silky texture makes it easy to apply and blend achieving the high flawless finish

High Definitions Fluid Foundation is now available in ten colours

001 Porcelain - Neutral tone suitable for the fairest of skin tones
002 Ivory - A light beige with a slight pink undertone, perfect for fair skin tones
003 Sand - A natural beige with a slight yellow undertone perfect for light skin tones
004 Buff - A golden beige, perfect for light/medium skin tones
005 Honey - A peachy warm undertone, perfect for medium/tanned skin tones

006 Almond - A golden tan tone, perfect for medium/olive skin tones

007 Golden - A golden shade with a slight yellow undertone perfect for medium/dark skin tones
008 Nutmeg - A soft caramel tone, perfect for dark skin tones
009 Mink - A neutral caramel shade with golden undertones, perfect for dark skin tones
010 Toffee - A rich warm shade with slight red undertones, perfect for deep dark skin tones

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