Gentle anti-ageing and fat reduction without surgery

This gentle, non-surgical, anti-ageing and fat removal treatment uses the latest in cryotherapy advanced technology.   Cryotherapy reduces the temperature in the fat cells and creates a thermal shock. During fat removal treatments the temperature reduction destroys fat cells permanently, without pain or the need for invasive surgery. During an anti-ageing facial, the cold activates the collagen to produce more cells, resulting in instant tightness, filling fine lines and wrinkles revealing rejuvenated skin.  

Our method is completely different from other cryotherapy methods; the cold probe is manually moved to the specific places where the fat will be removed, avoiding any burn marks and tissue damage that can happen with alternative vacuum methods. In contrast to other therapies, we are able to treat all areas of the body due to the precision of the equipment. The treatment is quick, painless and effective.

At Total Looks, we offer a huge variety of body and facial Cryo21 treatments. Session times vary according to the size and severity of the area to be treated. Prices start at £60, and discounts are available for block bookings. To discuss your needs, please book in for a consultation with one of our trained therapists.

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