Non Surgical Face Lifts


A quick, precise, safe, and virtually painless treatment for skin that will remove wrinkles and lines.

  • No surgical procedures or anaesthetic
  • No need for medication or hospital treatment
  • No recovery time
  • Low-invasive technique 

What is Touch Skin 21?

Touch Skin 21 is the most advanced non-surgical plasma treatment for correcting and refining aesthetic problems without damaging the surrounding tissues. Touch Skin works by touching the surface of the skin with the tip of a special type of needle that doesn’t penetrate the skin. This ensures only specific cells are destroyed and new cells remain undamaged. 

This revolutionary treatment can be used for sagging eyelids and eye bags, lines, wrinkles, lip contour, hand rejuvenation skin tags, age spots, pigmentation marks and white spots around the eyes. It can also be used to dissolve unwanted scars, tattoos and stretch marks.

The number of treatments required will vary. An age spot will typically be dealt with in one treatment. Treatment around the eyes may require 2-4, and wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and tattoos may require 4 or more treatments.

Sessions start at half an hour, and all include a 20 min preparation time.

Prices start at £40, discounts are available for block bookings.

Treatment areas

Wrinkles | £50

Lip wrinkles | £50

Skin tags | £40

Skin cysts | £60

Hand rejuvenation | £50

Eyelids lift | £80

Skin spots | £50

Keloids scars | £60

Tattoos | £100-150

Stretch marks | £50-60


With seven different electro stimulation waves, this equipment provides the body with muscle stimulation that is revolutionary. 

  • Fat reduction by lipolytic activation
  • Toning up through dermis firming 
  • Muscle recovery and firming
  • Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Anti-ageing via bio-rejuvenation
  • Inch loss and muscle definition

Using the S21 PURE FITNESS electro stimulator, the muscles are contracted 150 times more than normal exercise in the gym. Burning calories with electro stimulation gets your body into shape with visible results after just one treatment. 

A 30 minute session wtih Io S21 PURE FITNESS = 3 hour gym session, enabling you to carry on with your day without getting a sweat on! 

Treatment time 30 minutes | £55 

Io S21 Face Gym 

Get rid of that double chin with this fantastic treatment. Stimulating and tightening facial muscles, adding definition and making you look younger. The friendly, natural non-evasive Botox effect. 

Treatment time 45 minutes | £65

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