Non Surgical Treatments

Io S21 PURE FITNESS - Electro stimulation for a better body

With seven different electro stimulation waves, this equipment provides the body with muscle stimulation that is revolutionary. 

  • Fat reduction by lipolytic activation
  • Toning up through dermis firming and skin reshaping
  • Muscle recovery and firming
  • Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Restoring of cellular metabolic functions
  • Anti-ageing via bio-rejuvenation
  • Inch loss and muscle definition

Using the IO S21 PURE FITNESS electro stimulator, the muscles are contracted 150 times more than normal exercise in the gym. Burning calories with electro stimulation gets your body into shape with visible results after just one treatment. 

A 30 minute session wtih Io S21 PURE FITNESS = 3 hour gym session, enabling you to carry on with your day without getting a sweat on! 

Facial fit - treatment time -  25 mins |£30

Body 1 area - treatment time - 35-60 mins |£55



Book a course of 4 facials and get 5th free

4 body treatments £160

8 body treatments £360

12 body treatments £500

Courses must be used within a year of purchase and cannot be transferred to another person. We recommend booking treatments closer together to get maximum results. 

I TECH 21 

I Tech 21 is a physical treatment that uses electric waveforms issued by two thimbles, combined with LED headsets that incorporate different wavelengths and frequencies of the visible spectrum. 

Treatment areas include; 

Face: wrinkles, dull and matt skin, skin slackness, eyebags, thin and dehydrated lips, skin discolouration, dark circles and acne

Body: visible capillaries, stretch marks, inner arms, inner thighs, scars. 

Effects on energetic and psychological body: energising, relaxing, cellular balancing, brain function activation, increase of immune defences, self esteem. 

Facial - treatment time - 60 minutes | £75

Body 1 area - treatment time -  30 mins | £40

Book a course of 4 facial or body treatments and get the 5th free.

Courses must be used within a year of purchase and cannot be transferred to another person. We recommend you book treatments close together for the best results. 



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