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Our advanced DIBI Milano Skin Analyser allows us to measure vital skin components to enable us to recommend the best treatments and skincare products for you


The DIBI Milano Skin Analyser is an advanced skin analysis system which uses 5 different light spectrums to assess your skin to measure hydration, collagen, elasticity, sensitivity, oiliness, pores and acne. 

The skin analysis takes only 30 seconds to perform during which time a series of images will be taken under different light conditions and the images will be analysed. The analyser will then produce a report which will include a 'Skin Score' and 'Skin Age' as well as scores for all of the common skin concerns such as sensitivity, wrinkles, dehydration, acne, blocked pores, pigmentation etc. It will also provide a list of recommendations for treatments and skincare products. Your therapist will then help you to formulate a bespoke treatment plan  based on the results of the analysis, your desired results and your lifestyle.

There are 12 ranges in the DIBI Milano portfolio, meaning there is more than enough choice to cater for all skin types and skin concerns.

This service requires a £20 deposit, however if you purchase products with us on the day of your appointment, £20 will be refunded towards your products. 


The Dibi Milano Analyser is used to scan the skin using cutting edge technology which will measure the condition of your skin on the surface and the sub-surface. This allows us to assess existing issues which are visible and deeper issues that are not yet visible. The analyser will produce a comprehensive skin report along with recommendations for skincare products and in-salon treatments

Your Beauty Therapist will personalise a treatment plan for you based on your skin analysis, and your professional treatments will be scheduled

We recommend that you visit the salon 12 weeks after your initial consultation to review the results and have another skin analysis to tweak your skincare regime as required. It is useful to change your skincare routine on a seasonal basis. 

We recommend that you follow the recommended skincare regime consistently for optimum results, and an in-salon professional treatment every 6 weeks.
The Gold Youth Cream
Face Perfection Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliant
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